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  • Can you really play every song?
    Yes, with a few exceptions: -Electronically produced music, in some cases this is impossible for us to play. -Foreign languages. -Music with non-Western instruments or mood. -Classical music. This could be played as break music.
  • When can I come and see YourBand live?
    Please feel free to contact us to come and see one of our performances.
  • Do you also supply break music?
    Yes, we play standard break music during the breaks. You can leave this to us or supply it yourself. We can always select the intermission music in consultation, so that, for example, songs can be played that just did not end up in the band's set list. A DJ can also come with us. We work well with a number of DJs who can respond to the audience and this ensures that the atmosphere remains good.
  • What happens if one of the band members is ill or unable to attend?
    In the absence of one of the band members due to illness or force majeure, we will bring a professional replacement. Each band member has several replacements available. Many will not notice that a substitute played with it.
  • Until when can voting take place?
    That is until 7 days before the show. If you want the final set list to appear on the personal page, that is of course possible. If you prefer to keep it a surprise, that is of course also possible.
  • What if my guests are not active on the personal page?
    Do not panic! You can once again remind your guests of the existence of the personal page. Maybe your guests find it difficult to add the right numbers? We can add a Spotify playlist to the page so that guests can get inspiration. If it really doesn't get off the ground, no one will be spared! In consultation with you, we will put together a set list that meets the requirements of a successful party!
  • Mijn gasten vinden het moeilijk om leuke nummers toe te voegen aan de setlist.
    Geen probleem, wij kunnen een spotify playlist toevoegen aan de persoonlijke pagina. Hieruit kan inspiratie worden opgedaan.
  • I can't vote or add numbers.
    Contact us! We like to help you!
  • I want to determine the set list myself without influence from the guests. Is that possible?
    Yes, that is certainly possible. If necessary, we can advise you in your number choice.
  • Can I also book YourBand through a booking agency?
    Yes, YourBand can be booked through various booking agencies. If you want to book multiple artists, acts, etc., this is a good option. The agency will then contact us for you.
  • Can I place an option on one or more dates?
    Yes, if you are considering booking YourBand, you can request an option. We will then keep this date free for you. If another party indicates that it wants to book the band on the same date, we will contact you to agree on a decision period.
  • Can YourBand play on the venue's PA?
    Yes, YourBand can use the existing PA installation provided it meets the minimum requirements.
  • Is the band's volume too loud for my party?
    The volume of YourBand can be adjusted to your preference at any time. A drum kit has a basic volume when played, but we can do a lot to create a pleasant sound volume at any location.
  • The party is at an upstairs location without an elevator, is this a problem?"
    YourBand uses a lot of heavy and large equipment, such as PA, lighting system and drum kit. For this reason, it is necessary that you communicate clearly and timely when there is no elevator on location. We will look at the possibilities for each show and determine whether it is feasible to continue the show or not.
  • How long does a YourBand show last?
    A YourBand show is standard 2x 60 Minutes. Other set times are of course possible in consultation.
  • How long are the breaks?
    Minimum 15 minutes to maximum 60 minutes. That depends on the layout of the sets and the customer's wishes.
  • What time will you be there?
    The band and technology are usually present ± 2.5 hours before the show. Depending on the amount of technology that needs to be built up, this may be longer.
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