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YourBand the best band with requests

Are you looking for a band that plays requests? Then YourBand is the right place for you! We play the requested songs you and your guests want to hear. In recent years we have played at more than 200 weddings, company parties, festivals and other events. We make your event more special than any other band can because we ensure that the music matches what you want to hear.

On this page we tell you how we can turn your request to the band into a musical blast!

Band die verzoekjes speelt


Add request numbers

In the weeks before the party, add request songs to our set list together with your guests.


Vote on each other's requests

Vote for your favorite requests and work together to ensure that it reaches the top of the set list.


We will make it an unforgettable evening

Based on the requested songs and voices, we create a great set list that guarantees an unforgettable evening!

We believe that music should really tie in with the event.

We are a band that plays request songs. 100 guests with 100 opinions. How do you ensure that you can translate all those wishes and opinions into a great event? At YourBand we also asked ourselves this question and found the answer for you. We involve these 100 people in our show and make it a party together.

Thanks to our interactive web page, we know exactly what your guests' requests are. By responding intelligently and keeping the wishes of the audience central, we can ensure that everyone at your event feels heard.

Everything in one at your event.

With us you can arrange everything in one go. A duo during the reception, a singer during dinner, a banging band and a DJ in between, everything is possible. Our 8 professional musicians effortlessly play all genres, from the biggest party hits to banging rock and coolest disco songs to absolute sing-along songs. We do everything to​ make the event special.

You are at the helm of a great evening

On a tailor-made web page you and your guests can add requests to our set list and vote on each other's entries. We will ultimately put together a great show with the songs with the most votes. Here you can find some examples of what that looks like.

If you don't want online interaction but just a great professional cover band that will make it a blast, we do that too! Tell us more about your wishes and music taste and we will create a set list that will make everyone at the event go wild.

Non-stop party and not a moment of silence

We have our own DJs who are completely attuned to the band, so there is never a moment's silence and your event will continue non-stop all evening! The DJ is of course also aware of your request numbers and will also accept requests on the spot. Want to book a band without a DJ? That is of course also possible, then we will put on a playlist that fits in perfectly with the rest of the evening. Don't worry, we will arrange it for you.

Are you looking for a band with requests or do you have any questions and/or comments? Contact us and we will email you back within 24 hours without obligation!

Your Band too big for your event?

Not every party location is big enough for a large band, we understand that very much! In that case, check out our friends at Night at the Jukebox or Rolling Piano . Both also bands with requests and stoneware, but slightly smaller and easier to use for a smaller location.

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